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Confusion about pulleys for aftermarket AC.

I have a z code 64 Galaxie. Engine and heads are not original but close. 61-2 390.

I want to add classic auto air. They however leave it up to you to figure out pulleys. Car is one belt to the generator only. No factory power steering or ac. I would love to add power steering but it seems either, expensive to do easily. Or very difficult to do cheaply. I want AC more. So Iíll give in to that for now. As a GM guy itís shocking to me that there isnít an easy retrofit junkyard integrated power steering box. Want to upgrade my 67 Firebird? Just go snap a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Monte Carlo box. My Galaxie.......... anyway

Iím going to grab a crites or CRAP bracket to do an alternator upgrade, I assume that leaves me in the same position depth wise on the belts. What have you guys done to add accessories. Right now I just have the single pulley that doubles as a timing device (also strange) do you bolt another pulley to that? Is there a double groove version on this balancer? Cvf racingís has some Pulleys but I donít know if ford over the years has different water pump depths or whatever and wonít match early cars.... help me out here lol.

Iím not a total dingus, Iím an A&P mechanic and a long time enthusiast. Just new to FEs.
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