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Re: Unidentified 66 HiPo C4 Transmission part

Originally Posted by GT350HR View Post
That goes in the pump (I'd have to check a TransGo instruction sheet to see which passage) and it used to prevent converter "ballooning" . You could check an online instruction sheet to see which passage I'm talking about. If that was in their I'll bet someone added a shift kit to the valve body at some time. The sad part is all the springs were IDENTICAL and the separator plate was already drilled to size. All of the Trans Go parts for the 'Green dot" valve bodies are sourced from the K code Ford valve body except that converter 'bullet" you are asking about.

Well you're the only one who's identified it, I've been on several forum and nobody seems to know about it including some C4 rebuilders. I've searched around and can't seem to find any information on it. Question, is it just plugging up a hole or is there a spring or something else I'm missing. I just found it sitting in the bottom of my tub where all the disassembled part were in, including the pump which at that point hadn't even been taken apart yet. So any help you could give me would be HUGE...

One thing though, I did do some searching around and the only thing I'm finding as far as a pump modification for better converter flow is the one where you drill out the aluminum plug and remove the two balls and spring and then hex plug it, but my pump has the original spring and balls still in place, so that wasn't done.

Anyway, let me know.

Thanks again Randy,


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