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Low rpm 390 stroker advice

I was going to install a bunch of goodies on the 390 FE engine of my 1966 galaxie (heads, cam, intake, etc). However the car has around 140,000 miles and it sat unused for the last 15 years so I’m now worried about the bottom end of the engine as well (bearings, piston rings, seals, oil pump, etc). I would send the car to lykins or my427stang, but they’re too far away so I plan to pull theengine and send it to a local builder. Since I’m looking at new bearings and such, I’m now contemplating the jump to a stroker kit from Barry at survival motor sports. I’d like to get some feedback on which kit would be best for my application and why.

Here’s the info for my car...
1966 Galaxie 500xl 2 door convertible (4400lb car)
390 ci FE motor stock economy 2bbl listed at 9.5:1 compression
factory 3 speed cruiseomatic with factory stall converter
power brakes & power steering

New stuff...
edelbrock performer RPM dual plane intake
Summit racing 600cfm 4bbl carb with annular boosters
FPA shorty headers
2.5" mandrel bent exhaust with x pipe and dynomax free flowing mufflers
Edelbrock aluminum heads with CJ valves
Stock valve train with POPs heavy duty shafts
Carter street pump mechanical fuel pump
3.55 gears
Pertronix distributor with Flamethrower III coil, performance recurve, rev limited at 5500 RPM
Custom lykins flat tappet hydro cam. Without giving away too many details, the cam is around [email protected] lift, 108 lsa

Street/highway car that will never see the track
Low end grunt from idle to 5500 rpm
Run on supreme unleaded pump gas
hoping for 340hp if unstroked or 400hp if stroked
Snappy throttle response both up and down
Outperform 428 CJ specs

Everything was spec’ed for the engine to stay as a 390 so Does it make sense to stroke the motor given the rest of my specs?
If so, should I use a 4.125 or 4.25 stroke? Are there pros and cons to either?
If the cylinders aren’t scarred, is there any reason to overbore the cylinders? I’d like to stay away from this if possible.
Is there anything else to worry about if I decide to have the stroker kit installed?
I kinda like the sound of the 4.25 stroke and 4.06 bore to make a 440 stroker. Thoughts?

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