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Re: Low rpm 390 stroker advice

Thanks Ross. That’s great news on the exhaust because I already own it. Lol

Iowan, the goal is more performance than the 428cj while still keeping my stock 3speed cruiseomatic and enough vacuum for the power steering. The custom cam from Lykins outperforms the cobra jet cam across the board (more overlap, more lift, more duration, more advance) but I shouldn’t need an increased stall speed to run it which is good bc there are few performance upgrades for my transmission. I’ve decided on using the 390 block and boring 30 over and stroking to 4.25 for 445cubes so that alone smokes the 428cj. Ed heads should flow better than imported stockers. Exhaust is 1” larger than stock also. Hoping for 400hp out of the stroker while keeping good street manners (Will never see the track). I think I will get there but I’m open to suggestions.
Some more of the items I’ve decided on are in the original post - 3.50 gears, performer rpm intake, edelbrock heads, etc.

I once had a 1971 460 Lincoln motor in a 1968 f100 and always wanted one in a car. Guess this is as close as it gets

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