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Re: Low rpm 390 stroker advice

found these 460 factory cam specs. Looks like my cam should outperform it.

1970 429/460 passenger car engine (incl. Thunderjet) Cam Specs:
256/270 @ SAE
193/206 @ .050"
.253"/.278" lobe lift (.443/.487 valve lift)
110/116 lobe centerlines - 113 LSA

Not sure how the heads compare to the 460. Didn’t the late 60s 460 motors have around 375hp and 460ftlbs at 10.5 compression while the 428 Cobra Jet had around 335hp and 445 lb-ft at 10.6 compression? I think my 445 idea will beat both of these and run lower compression for today’s pump gas

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