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Re: Low rpm 390 stroker advice

Originally Posted by Iowan View Post
That's anemic, a stock 289 can handle a cam with 218/[email protected] with a stock converter. It was a Ford cam and Ford referred to it as a torque cam.
If you just compare .050s, Ford used to use 114 or greater LSAs, this is much tighter and will use overlap to his advantage with a 108 spread. The duration is pretty close to a stock CJ cam, but with 52 degrees of overlap instead of 46, so it does seem small, and was originally planed for a 390, but with the good heads and intake it'll pull real hard for the use

I would say though, be sure you talk to Brent about compression and intake centerline when you buy your stroker parts, my hunch is that he'll probably have you retard this cam since you are now going 445 instead of 390

I'd likely put that cam on a 108 ICL in a 445 with a true and measured 10:1 compression, if it's 9.5, you could go as early as 104, but I think the 445 will like it a bit later and 10:1

I think it'll peak around 5000-5200 depending where cam centerline ends up, certainly no drag motor, but it'll make more HP than an original 427 with the manners of a stock 390 and a nice little lope at idle

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