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Re: Low rpm 390 stroker advice

Originally Posted by Iowan View Post
If you need to retarded or advanced a cam to use it , you have the wrong cam.
Yes and no.

Yes, The cam I have was set up with an early icl so that installing it “straight up” (ie lining up the dot on the cam with the dot on the crank) gives it built in early timing. Now that I’m going with a stroker, the timing May be so early that the valve will hit the piston due to the longer stroke.

No, that doesn’t mean the intake duration and exhaust durations and lsa are incorrect for my application. it just means that the dot is in the wrong place on the cam. that doesn’t mean I have the wrong cam. If I know what icl is desired, I just have to degree the cam to that icl.

If I accept what you are saying, ford used different cam timing in 460 motors in the 60s versus the 70s. Does that mean they used the wrong cam in 460 motors in the 60s, 70s or for two decades? I would say they had the right cam for their desired use and degreed it to get the desired result

I am willing to accept that I have the wrong cam for my application if you have a suggestion and can explain why it is a better fit without completely changing everything else on my car. What flat tappet cam would you use to run mid grade pump gas for a 445 paired to a stock 3speed cruiseomatic with a stock 1800rpm stall, 3.50 gears, 780cfm vac secondary carb, dual plane rpm intake, edelbrock rpm heads, fpa shorty headers, and 2.5” exhaust in a 4400lb convertible with power steering and power brakes? Intake duration at .05, Exhaust at .05, LSA, ICL, and why?

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