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Re: 351 Cleveland sluggish and breaks up at 5000 rpm

Thanks for all the great input!
I will try to be methodical with this.
I did install a new Blaster II coil with its new ballast resistor. I found the old coil to be mis wired with the red dist. wire going directly to the coil + instead of the ignition side of the ballast resistor resistor wire.
I this and it now runs smoother and stronger, but it still won't do much past 5000 rpms. The wires and plugs are new and the rotor and cap look good, but I will double check.

I will check the timing, advance and throttle today.

The exhaust is the most challenging, as nobody makes headers that fit this combo. The mechanic who knows the history of the engine said at one time this car had headers on it that were for a 70 Torino. The only ones that fit that that could be close are a few Hooker headers Super Comp 6210 and Dougs D670S2. Both co's. wont say they will fit though. Expensive guinea pigs.

FPA and sanderson both say no go.

There is a header fabricator 30 miles from here that I may check with $$$.

Any ideas on this header situation? Would just going to 2 1/2 exhaust with good mufflers make much of a difference in the meantime?

Is it possible to pick the proper replacement valve springs if I don't know the specs of this stout solid roller cam, like pulling ID #'s off of the springs or the paint marks on them?


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