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C4 Pump and Input Shaft

First post, I'm usually able to find whatever info I need just by searching but no luck this time. I have a problem caused by my own stupid mistake(s). Long story short I went to mate my c4 to my 302 and did not properly seat the torque converter (stupid mistake 1), I tried turning over the engine by hand but it wouldn't budge so out came the trans again. Now I properly seated the torque converter, got everything together and finally fired it up. Engine was good but the car wouldn't move, I check for fluid flow through the cooler lines and nothing so I assumed the pump gears were damaged. In the process of removing the trans I realized the input shaft was not installed (stupid mistake 2). Now I have the trans out and I removed the pump (haven't disassembled it yet to see if the gears are damaged) but my question is whether there still should have been fluid flow without the input shaft? Does the pump require the input shaft be installed to pump fluid?

Thank you guys for any input, these are definitely two mistakes I will make sure not to repeat.
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