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Re: C4 Pump and Input Shaft

No crazy noises when it fired up and the torque converter itself looks alright, the surface doesn't looked marred or anything. The pump bushing doesn't look damaged either which really surprised me. Since I have everything apart already I'm going to take the pump apart this afternoon and see what the gears look like. As to the motor being locked, I probably could have turned it if I tried but knowing it should turn easier I didn't push it so hopefully that saves any major damage.

I'm not 100% sure on how I was able to tighten everything down without having the TQ lined up properly. Nothing seemed bound up while I did it, and the engine was out of the car so I had good access to everything. Everything I've been able to find makes it sound like a toss up as to whether tightening everything up will damage the pump or not, no one seems to return to the threads and state the outcome as to whether they needed to repair/replace the pump or simply line everything up right.

I'll post up results later, I'm not sure if I'm hoping for obvious damage to the gears or not at this point.
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