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Re: C4 Pump and Input Shaft

I appreciate all the useful input from you guys, good to know there's somewhere to come with my questions when I can't find it from a search.

@galaxiex That's kind of the news I was hoping to hear. Unfortunately this unit was supposedly rebuilt not too long before I purchased the car and based on the condition of the seals and such I'm inclined to believe that, so any aggressive marks shouldn't bee too old, that is unless the TQ wasn't replaced during the rebuild but I would think it would be. 80% of me says try it but the other 20% says no play it safe and so I don't have to drop the trans again. Does anyone have any TQ suggestions? Brands, specs, etc for a stock 302 would be appreciated. I'll try some searching when I have free time if nothing else.

@Iowan I'm so glad you chimed in because there were only about 5 threads I found real quick when trying to find info on this problem where the input shaft was left out. Hopefully in the future if someone has this question and made the same mistake they can find this thread and save you from having to answer the exact same problem twice. Basically I found some issues with the engine a few months after purchasing the car so I pulled both the engine and trans with intentions of swapping both to something different. Life happened and we have been trying to get prepared to move so things have been all over the place getting the house (and garage) ready for people to look at and the input shaft got overlooked. Obviously an issue like this is a very stupid mistake that will not be repeated, nor would I have made it in the first place if I had the knowledge and background of many of the people like you on this forum so I appreciate all that I can learn from you guys.
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