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Re: Reputable Cleveland head porting companies.

351C heads have crappy valves. The heads break off, and they have those multi-groove keepers that hold the valve loosely to promote rotation. These will need replaced. You will need to purchase ALL new hardware. They will also need set up for an adjustable valvetrain/guide plates by a competent machine shop. They will also need rebuilt with new guides, valves job, milled for flatness, etc. By the time you're finished, you'll have more money in them that what you'd pay for an aftermarket set that will bolt to your 351W block, problem free... and that's before you even break open the wallet for a good port job. Been there, done that 20 years ago. I ported a set of 2V Aussie heads for a friend. The valves are TERRIBLY shrouded by the walls of combustion chamber, and need substantially relieved. The bowls in the ports are also a lot bigger than the valve seat, so there's a terrible transition there.

By the time you're finished adapting a set of Aussie 2V 351C heads to your engine, you'll have FAR more money in it, than simply buying a decent set of aftermarket heads that will bolt right on. Once you deal with buying all the hardware, machine work, porting, adapter plates, resulting vacuum leaks, header nightmares, etc... only to run slower than you would with a decent set of aftermarkets, you'll figure it out.

If you insist of forging ahead, just be ready for the reality of it all. This would be a cool combo in the early/mid 1990's, as the aftermarket options were not available. If you press on with this novel combo, I hope you're able to make it work. On the plus side, it won't move a whole lot more air, and won't make a whole lot more power than the stock engine, so that may make the stock fuel injection easier to deal with. That being said, people had fits trying to make Speed Density EFI work back in the day... and that was with simply installing a small cam in a stock engine. People rejoiced when Mass Air EFI came out.

You'll be big dollars ahead, and make a TON more power upgrading the EFI (or switching to a carb), and building a more conventional 408. Of course, it's your build, so you're free to proceed as you wish. Good luck either way... but at least you've been informed of the challenges and realities of it all.
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