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Re: 387 Boss (Clevor) first build.

Originally Posted by NWP_SWP View Post
My truck currently has a SPEED DENSITY computer *gasp* , I found a replacement computer that'll run a 351w and E4od transmission, and its Mass air.

My displacement target is 387, if I can hit that (even if it's a few decimals over) I'll do it.
You can manipulate the SD computers too, just takes a little more thinking. That being said, the mass air versions are pretty easy and lots of people doing it.

Don't mistake my recommendation for boring as being for more cubes, it's for a better ring seal. The strongest, thickest, straightest cylinder you can have is what you need.

In fact, I am doing two 461 inch strokers right now, and we bored to .025 over to save cylinder wall, and finish honed it with a torque plate on both sides, which not only stressed the deck, but also made it very straight in operation. Running one engine with the pistons .010 above deck and the other at zero, and one will have 1.0 mm compression rings and a 2.0 mm oil ring to save of bore wear, make more power and seal tighter, the other will use 1.5mm and 3.0 oil ring pack for the same reason, but I am doing both to compare leakdown between the two. This makes all the difference in the world. I have seen a stock cylinder move 8 thousandths by torquing the head on.

The EEC-IV will be easy, you'll likely have to add injector size depending on how wild you cam it. You can cheat quite a bit with injector slope and duration and adding fuel pressure, but in the end, adding more air and 30 cubes will likely need injectors.

Have you considered going with a set of aftermarket Windsor heads? Certainly not as cool, I get it, but could be much cheaper and make more power.

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