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Re: Small Block Turbo Build

Thanks for serving, Chris. I'll keep this short and to my point; which is to keep it basic and reliable. Bone-stock 351W junkyard engines have been pushed close to 1000hp on boost. Seriously. I'm not suggesting you do that, but the point there is that getting all exotic is not necessary or even wanted. I'd use the much stronger 351W block, and do a basic and solid 400-500hp street build with heads, cam and intake, paying attention to the importance of prep, blueprinting and boost-friendly parts selection for the purpose. Then add boost and let it do its thing. 850 at the crank on boost is an easy and good target for your RWHP goals. Want more power? Just add some octane and turn-up the pressureónot the RPM. You'll have far more work and expense building the car to handle and apply the power than actually building the power. Do some archive reading online at sites such as The Turbo Forums for examples that work.


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