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Forward Drum Diaphram fail

I have a C4 with Broader full manual VB, 6 clutches per pack. Oil Dex 2
behind a nitroused 408C, car weighs 3700 with me in it.

Trans has done about 300 street miles and 10 passes,

Last Friday I finally started to get some decent traction and was wheelstanding out to the 60" lights (1.37 60' time).

On the 4th pass took off flashed to 5K then shuddered and engine revved freely like in nuetral, I lost all forward gears.

Pulled trans apart and the forward clutches are fried. the Diaphram spring has flipped and bent all the fingers up.

Transbuilder is suggesting we machine the hub to accept 2 Diaphram Springs.
Any Pro's and Cons of doing this?
Any other suggestions?
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