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Re: Value of Ford 406 Modified for racing

Originally Posted by CDPETERS View Post
Idk if this is the correct forum (if not I apologize) but I'm looking to sell an engine and can't seem to determine the value. It's a 1962 Ford 406 that was modified in the early 60s. It has less than 400 miles on it. I will list all info I can think of...
Estimated 750 HP and 680 ft lb of torque
Mickey Thompson intake (2 4 barrels)
2 Carter 850 CFM carbs
Isky roller cam, rocker arms, and lifters
Mallory ignition and distributor

Any assistance in how to determine value would be greatly appreciated.
I would consider parting out that engine, not rebuilding

The intake and carbs will likely bring a couple grand
The block likely 800-1000 if standard bore, less if bored, much less if a 390 block
Heads depend on casting number
all the other pieces 100-200 here and there.

As a total engine, it will need a very unique buyer, if he goes this route, to get decent money he will need to blueprint the engine, document clearances, condition, etc.

And as the guys said, 500 HP motor, not 750, as much as we'd like these old motors to make that power, the intake combo alone is cool, but hard pressed to pull much more than 600, and on a 406, very unlikely to get there

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