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Re: Forward Drum Diaphram fail

Originally Posted by Spud408 View Post
Thanks Greg for your response. Im down in Geelong, Vic, Trans is in a full weight XY 408C with nitrous.

It has the large deeper filter but but dont think it has an extension to near teh bottom of the deep pan, I will have to asker the builder.

The Broader full manual VB is supposed to be 220 - 230 psi, we did not check running PSi I will do that this time.

The 6 disc clutch pack was set up at 0.030" clearance, but was a lot more than that after failing.

Do you see any negatives of running the 2 Belvilles?

Sounds reasonable . Was the Belleville new to start with? I replace on every build , they are cheap.
No negatives to the two bellevilles that I can see . As I say a guy up here I helped did that on his , was a turbo 6 cortina and he was at 295 PSI.

The broader valvebodies are very good , pressure i'd say would be spot on with his setup. Still check as could be a sticky P.R valve.

I've used the deep pan filters with the rectangular bottom hole , usually they are fine even though not right to the bottom they are well down in the oil. I like to use the filters from the U.S that have the rubber grommet , then make the tube to suit.

Also just a thought. Need to ensure that you actually have a C4 forward drum and not a C5. Each type has a specific lower step plate . A c4 lower plate in a c5 drum leaves a gap between lower step plate and the belleville . Theres about .050"-.060" diffence in thickness in the two plates

I'd have to double check but from memory a c4 has the lower snap ring groove that retains the bellevile is .087", a C5 uses a unique wave snap ring and lower groove is around .0135"
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