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Re: 1970+ valve bodies?

I have a 65 Falcon with a C4. Years ago I had a shop rebuild it and put in racing bands and clutch plates. The guy working on it tossed my green dot valve body in the dumpster. I had a B&M shift kit in it too! He replaced it with a valve body from a 70 Maverick C4 and installed a Trans-Go kit. This changed it to crisper shifts and also gave me the ability to start out and hold it in first, or start out and hold it in second, or let the trans shift normally.

The smaller hole might be to restrict fluid. Do you know anything about the car it came out of? There were smog issues back then and Ford may have made changes to try to comply with government regulations. You could also contact a knowledgeable shop to see if they have any info about the valve bodies. Or if you have some extra time, peruse some motor manuals at a local library.

'65 Futura Convertible, 331 stroker, MSD Ignition, Hooker exhaust, C4 W/Racing clutch packs & TransGo Shift kit, Aluminum 2 Row cooling system. RRS Strut front suspension w/11.5" disc brakes.
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