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Re: Question on C6 upgrades

Originally Posted by Rusty_S85 View Post
Thanks for the reply. Thankfully I haven't ordered anything yet for my transmission. I am looking at the B&M one as it has the boss for the temp sender for the transmission fluid. PML also has pans with the boss for the sender as well. Personally I would love to run the deep chrome pan that says C6 on the bottom or if I could find one the aluminum Ford Racing deep pan but the Ford racing pan is out of production and wont pay $200 for a banged up used one and the chrome one it would be bad to drill it for a sender as it will be too thin not to mention chipping the chrome.

If the summit pan is thick enough to tap with a pipe tap then I will gladly go with that pan since its cheaper.
Great choice!

Just a note on chrome pans,
or any other chrome part that uses a gasket, such as valve covers or thermostat housings.

I have not seen any that don't leak.
The chrome plating is often (usually) on the gasket sealing flange, and the chrome being so slick, it is very difficult to seal.

I always rough up the sealing surface so the gasket doesn't squirm out of position,
or if possible, use a bead of the right stuff silicone. Or both.
Either way, they can be troublesome to seal at times.

Personally I despise chrome oil pans and valve covers for that reason.

For mounting a temp sensor in thin steel or even thin(ish) aluminum, you can get a bolt-in bung for that.

They call it a drain plug kit, but it can be used to install a temp sensor, the threads are the same. 1/8" pipe.

Edit: to cut a clean hole in thin steel, use one of those step bits. (Unibit)

A regular twist drill just mangles things in thin material.

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