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Re: 351c 2v CHI Heads what Hp/TQ

At this point it's only about his engine, he has said nothing about his car. My comment is very generic and true. Your just trolling and didn't even answer his question, I'm not scared to be wrong on a hp estimate in fact I hope I'm way low but you haven't had the balls to answer his question directly.
You just here to criticize without putting any thing in in the first place, that's a troll. Truth is you a know it all hot head that doesn't know what he thinks he does.
I'm curious what does your 306 make for torque @ 3000 rpm and what's the peek torque? It must be a decent number if infact your Mustang is that fast.

I'm a person that doesn't mind admitting when wrong as I have thinking he had 2v iron heads as I did in this post. But I never said that he should change his cam.
I said iron heads need more duration to make power.
QUOTE=Iowan;1629576621]375 or so at the crank is what I'm thinking, add more duration and lift if you want power, 250 @ 50.. Iron heads need more duration to make power.
Good luck[/QUOTE]

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