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Re: Hello all!!!

Iowan, you missed the big ďORĒ in the middle and got hung up on the FE.
I was just thinking of saving the little 289 and throwing something in that could handle the weight , but not break the bank. The aftermarket for FEís is not as good as it is for 460ís it is even better for Windsors, but torque is expensive on a Windsor, and comes at high rpmís.

If it was my car, Iíd put an 88 and up 385 series 460 in it, just to have a modern roller block.
You can find rotting RVís with big blocks and C6ís with low miles around here for under $1000 all the time on craigslist.

What year Mustang are you asking about? The weights varied a great deal from generation to generation and based on motor and trans options, but none has ever hit two tons.

64.5 Mustang base hardtop six 3spd 2500 -lightest
74 Mustang II base hardtop 2.3L 4sp 2700 -the one I thought would be lightest
78 Mustang II King Cobra automatic 3009 -heavier than I thought it would be
1973 Ford Mustang Mach I 351 4V automatic 3529 -lighter than I thought it would be
2019 Mustang Bullitt 3849 -heaviest - biggest surprise to me
Newer ones are heavier and the new Coyote 5.0 makes over 400 torque to handle the weight.

The OPís car - 67 Galaxie 2 door 289 C4 3708 - 282 torque
Same year FE -67 Galaxie 2 door 390 C6 3950 - 405 torque

Only 242 lbs total weight difference including bigger motor, bigger trans, bigger rear diff, heavier springs, bigger brakes, in exchange for 123 torque difference.
Thatís a huge difference in a car 1200 lbs heavier than a Mustang

engine weights:
289 Challenger 505 lbs.

351 Windsor 510 lbs. .
351 Cleveland 550 lbs.
351M/400M 575lbs.

390 FE 650 lbs.
460 385 series 640 lbs.

Hereís a good article where they install an Edelbrock power package on a fresh 351 Windsor and track the gains of each individual component on a dyno:

$3800 and they still didnít hit 400 torque.

This is the route I would take instead:

I would buy this motorhome,
scrap the mostly aluminum body for $250-$300,
sell the good used RV components on CL for another $400-$500 that would mostly pay for these parts:
Mahle 460 engine gasket set - $120
Summitt Racing DUI distributor - $159
Edelbrock 2701 4bbl intake - $148
Quickfuel Brawler 700 cfm carb- $350
Stainless shorty headers $120
Fuel pump $12
Oil pump $25

This setup would probably twist up around 425 to 450 torque when installed and tuned and still be under $1500 and last much longer cause itís not working so hard.

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