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Re: Hello all!!!

Just wanted to say I think both of you made good cases either way for the owner to go as far as what he should do with his engine.

There's nothing wrong with staying with a small block and mildly working it over or really cracking open the wallet and making a 460 cid 351W small block. Or go to the other end of the spectrum with a big block of some sort. I can personally vouch FE's are rather expensive to make gobs of mild mannered power out of them.

The wifes '96 Impala has a small block stock 350 LT1 (gen II) in it and it's quite spry with the transmission and rear axle gear ratios and breaks 20 MPG. My '94 Grand Marquis is abundantly anemic with its V8 engine but I can crack 30 MPG depending how I drive on the highway, it's extremely comfortable and quiet.

I have an old Caprice Classic convertible with a mildly worked over factory 454 and I adore that car. I don't care that it gets 10 MPG. I have to finish our '66 LTD but have driven it with a very modified ~396 (30 over 390) and that will be a whole lot of fun as it appears we cracked the 500 hp threshold well under 6000 RPM and with 500+ ft/lbs of torque. But that engine was 10+ grand to do. You can do a nice aftermarket 460 cid 351W for around that and make even more crazy power.

Like I mentioned you guys covered all the pros and cons for different engines. Each has its benefits as long as the owner of the car enjoys his decision.


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