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Ford C-4 reverse drum replacement bushing too loose/won't press fit

I recently purchased a complete bushing kit (part #26905A) for a 1973 Ford C-4 and during the rebuilding of the transmission, I discovered the new bushing that goes into the reverse drum simply falls into it (no resistance and will not press fit). I tried three different C-4 drums and found the bushing again simply falls to the bottom of the drum. I measured the ID of the drums and found them to be pretty uniform at approximately 4.715" (they still show factory machining on the bushing surfaces) on the average and after measuring the bushing in the kit, I found the OD to be approximately 4.705". I ordered another bushing (#26004; part #45334 on the bushing) thinking the original was defective and discovered the replacement for the replacement has the same problem of being way too loose. Catalogs show this bushing to fit '64-'86 with no apparent changes. I found the original bushings tight in their bore and was able to remove them without damaging the drum. I have never seen this before and am looking for a solution other than buying another drum. I can't understand why these bushing won't fit three drums that were recently running with no problems.

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