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289ci Piston Choice

Well, I was attempting to do a budget rebuild for my 289ci Ford, but I need new pistons. Old ones weight about 725grams w/ the pin. Would like to bump up the compression some, have some 60cc aluminum heads w/ 2.02/1.6 valves, not canted, so the pistons have to have big valve reliefs.

I've found a few cheap pistons, KB116 (9.3:1), KB115 (8.5:1), and KB365 (11:1). Only thing is the 116 and 365 are 19 grams heavier than my original pistons, and the 115 is 12 grams lighter. Compression ratios are all guessimations because I don't know how far in the hole the piston is.

I'm stumped on what to do here. I want to go with the higher compression, KB365 pistons, as the xe268h cam that I already have, calculates a dynamic compression ratio of about 9:1, which should be easy on 91-93 pump gas.

What would you do? Honestly if I could start all over I would just stroke the bitch and call it a day, but too much time/money wrapped up into this already and just want to get it in the car. Wish I could find some cheap used pistons, but can't find any anywhere near me.

Specs: 289ci, 4.030" Bore, 4.100" Head Gasket, Estimate piston is 0.030" in the bore. Never measured the stock pistons because it didn't matter at the time, was going to be a simple bearings and rings, until I pulled it all apart and realized I needed new pistons.
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