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Re: 289ci Piston Choice

Originally Posted by GT350HR View Post
All good thanks Mike .
I have raced my '66 Shelby continuously for the last 45 years. The current 331 has run 7.04 and 11.13 respectively. This is with a C4. I think my "old school" Ford dual four intake is holding me back fro a 6.9-10.9 et slip. I have a Vic Jr and if I had the ambition , (I'm 66) I would change it. My goal is to get a 9 second time slip on motor only and to do that I am building a 374ci all aluminum Boss 302 stroker. After seeing you pick up over a second with spray , I may rethink finishing the big engine. There are some videos of my car on you tube . It's a white '66 GT350H.
That intake is DEFINITELY holding it back! A Victor Jr would likely put you right where you need to be! Sure would be nice to dip into the 6's and 10's with the current engine! Once you do that, then it could be retired, and you could go to work on the Big Engine!

Do NOT give up on that cool Boss 374! Try not to get too worried about numbers. It will be what it will be! Just go out there and optimize the car once you get the engine installed, and enjoy it! I have a feeling it will run GOOD!

Most cars don't pick up as much as mine on the bottle... especially considering it's 'only' a 200 hp plate. If you do go that route, you'll want to get with someone who really knows what they are doing... If you are using a factory block, it's even more important, as those can be the weak spot. A person has to take ALL precautions to avoid detonation... as THAT is what will kill a block that is at or near its limits.

On mine...
The compression ratio is well into the 'safe' zone.
Cold Race Plugs.
Not greedy with the timing.
I run it lean, but not excessively lean. (lean makes power!)
Better fuel than you think you'll need.
ONLY run the engine with a COOL engine temp! Warm engines are more likely to detonate.
Mine is a stock stroke, which puts less leverage on the block, and allows more power to be run through it.

I have an electric fan and water pump. Between runs, I hook it to the battery charger and cool the engine down to where it feels cool to the touch... then run it as little as possible up to the lanes for the next pass. Doesn't take long at all with BOTH the fan AND water pump.

For now, PUT A VICTOR JR ON IT!!! It will be fun to see what kind of a difference it might make!

Good Luck!
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