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Re: ISO 393w crankshaft with 2.5" rod journals?

Originally Posted by 29EssexRat View Post
Absolutely, I ran the numbers before purchasing anything. Using (used) DSS 8723W-4000 393w pistons. Deck Clearance calculator comes out with 0.023" of piston recession. They're a 13cc dish piston. 60cc heads, and with a .047" compressed thickness gasket comes out to a 10:1 compression ratio. I have not purchased the head gasket yet, and will measure piston depth before I do. Wanting to keep the compression right at or slightly above 10:1 so I can still run 91. I do understand that timing/cam selection/dynamic compression plays a much larger role in detonation, but 10:1, and the new Comp Cams XE268H camshaft I have laying around collecting dust will make a pretty stout budget motor.
With the 268, it will have tons of low end power... and going in a heavy Galaxie with a tall gear, it could be exactly what you need! Compression might be a tad on the high side. Probably wouldn't hurt to polish the sharp edges off the pistons and combustion chamber.

Good Luck
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