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Re: ISO 393w crankshaft with 2.5" rod journals?

Well I have a fresh holley 650 double pumper I was going to use, but I have many carbs laying around. Intake, weiand 8023WND. Heads, blueprint hp9009, 2.02/1.60, 190cc. Headers, 1 3/4" long tube, 3" exhaust w/ mufflers of some sort, legality reasons, haven't purchased yet. Built C4, 2500-2800 stall, and 3.55 gears.

I contacted Comp Cams and they recommended a XE256H for low end torque, and a XE274H for less torque/more horsepower, but said the XE268H I already have would somewhat meet in the middle. I was curious as to how well the XE268H would fit, so had to call them up and have a conversation with them, always like to know what exactly is going into my engine, and why, not the "if it fits it ships" kind of person, to just throw parts at something and call it good.

But now you got me thinking about spending the extra money on more cam, would be a lot less work and time now to put the large cam in, than to have to tear it apart due to detonation, and possibly more damage to the engine due to detonation.

Dynamic compression with the XE268H was like 8.3:1, but I have absolutely no idea how that value effects detonation. Nor am I sure if that value was calculated correctly, I had just learned about dynamic compression ratio and was curious as to what it would be. So take that value with a grain of salt.
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