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Re: ISO 393w crankshaft with 2.5" rod journals?

The heads are a tad small, but I think you'll be ok. I'm running Windsor Sr's (200cc) and they seem to work fine. I thought I was getting a deal as I picked these up off of Craigslist, but after I went through them, replacing springs and several valves, getting a valve job. I was almost in them as much as a set of AFR's or TrickFlows would have cost. Then I still have to spend several hours with the die grinder cleaning up the ports/bowls.

Anyway, I'm running a Howards Retro Roller cam - Love it.

278/284 .533/.544 lift. Used stock ford roller lifter and spider. Nice lumpy idle. Has plenty of vacuum for the brakes.

I'm getting around 15mpg with the overdrive.

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