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Re: T&D shaft rockers for AFR 205 heads

I love reviving old threads. Why? Because we read them to further our own knowledge and there is rarely any closure to most. Well, I'm about closure and/or results. As you can see from the original post, I was asking about T&D shaft rockers. I was trying to fit competition shaft #7300 on a set of AFR 205 heads, but there was a problem. The pushrod would rub the side of the pushrod hole. I recently purchased a T&D set of sportsman shaft rockers, #10020-60-60 and they fit the AFR 205 heads perfectly! The pushrod is now centered in the pushrod hole as compared to the #7300 set. The main difference between the two rockers was length. The #7300 is 1.52" long and the #10020 is 1.45". The distance between the tip and pushrod cup still ratios to 1.6 between both rockers. In comparing both the "competition" and "sportsman" set of shaft rockers, I see very little difference. Both appear to be build with equal and quality standards. One more nice thing about the #10020 set is that they seem to fit more heads as compared to the #7300 set.

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