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Re: Thev 2010-up Mustang has an ugly rear end!

I stayed up late to watch the 2010 'reveal' on the speed channel... first thing the next morning called the dealer to order a new mustang...a 2009 identical to my 06, last of the pretty ones to my eyes...
the 09's still stored, never driven, flatbedded home from michigan, 4.something miles on the clock, mostly from moving it around occasionally.
a waste of a new car? yes, but by the time the 06 dies, a mustang might cost >50k, might be uglier yet, yada yada yada... I'd always said if I could go back in tim that I'd stash away a new 69 fastback- well, THATS not gonna happen, so when opportunity knocked on my second favorite mustang model, decided to go for it...only time will tell how stupid the decision was...with a lot of unexpected trouble in '08, really wish I just wouldnt have done it, sure woulda been nice not having that payment, but its still here.

I simply dont like what they did to the 10 backend. some love it, some probably hated the 05, to each his own, right

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