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Re: My 65 Comet Project

Got some more work done. When I removed the rail it was also serving as the end/side of torque box and the rail itself didn't have a inside upfront

I made templetes and cut/bent some 16 gauge to replace the torque box end and inner side of rail

I didn't really want to extend the bottom of torque box another 5 inches without some support.

I don't think I will use the cap on the rail, instead I think I will run the sub-frame connector inside the rear rail to the spring mount. after welded in I will extend the bottom of torque box out to rail.

Also got the rail itself cleaned up, spotwelds ground down, sandblasted it and masked it off for POR.

I am probally going to cut off the edge/flange of rail where the inner wheelwell is going to mount so I decided to box it. Made more templetes and cut pieces

Here's what it looks like. When welded in it should be flush with flanges. I will do the Por and then weld the pieces into rail.

I got the metal to make my connectors that is next so I can start welding it back together.
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