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Re: 351w Engine ID ....... Help

The manifold will make a small improvement over any stock 4v manifold, and the Holley will help a bit overall, as the primaries are smaller and more responsive than the 2v CFI (rated at 500 CFM IIRC). The heads are the greatest restriction, and aren't decent for a 302 let alone a 351. So a more complete package of (minimum) GT40 heads, intake, 4v, mild cam and good exhaust can push it right over 300hp. Good aftermarket heads or good porting will really wake it up on top-end and the typical smaller chambers will bump the compression as well. It depends on how far you want to go to let it breathe. It's just a stock grocery-getter 351, and not much worse off than any other factory W, it just has asthma.


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