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Carroll Shelby: 1923 – 2012

Shelby recently released a statement through Facebook commenting on his health. In it, he addressed concerns about his recent hospital stints, saying he had been battling pneumonia but was comfortable and in good hands. Shelby died in Baylor Hospital last night, presumably of complications stemming from that illness, though official word has yet to be released.
Known best, perhaps even to this day, for his iconic AC Cobras, Shelby always loved going fast. Born in Leesburg, Texas, in his early days he was known to take his father’s Willy’s to its very reachable limits on a regular basis.
The boy who loved speed, as many know, would make one of the most legendary marks on the auto industry to date. He woud go on to a career that included being a race car driver in the ’50s, ultimately winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans for Maserati in 1959 — his last year.

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