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Re: Carroll Shelby: 1923 2012

Sad day for all auto enthusiasts. while strange management things at the hands of others at 'shelby american' like the 23,000.00 hood replacement tarnished the marque a bit, few could have anything but respect for the man that built the brand into such a iconic status.

beat Enzo Ferrari at his own game with a FORD, tenaciously kept putting out more,more,more- even in failing health...then almost unbelievably drove the viper pace car around Indy all those years later with a new heart beating in his chest, started a organ donor foundation that saved countless lives, still lending influence to special edition mustangs that carried his name. think I read he was the worlds longest living dual organ recipient a few years ago- amazing lifetime for sure. Condolences to all his family and friends and countless fans

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