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Re: World Products Winsdor Porting Anyone?

I've had mine for a long time. Many of the new heads you can get now were not even around back when I bought them. There are a few I would like to try now days like the Kaase p38 heads. They are probably pricey though. I prefer iron heads to beer cans so I would like to try the Ford N heads but what I have is still outrunning the rest of my rig and will most likely continue to do so. They are 64 cc though and I need around 50. The Victor Jr heads look pretty good for the price too(60 cc though).

I just pulled my heads and am doing some supplemental work on them right now. I plan to have them angle milled, a 5 angle freshen up, replace the valve springs. After studying and mic'ing the heads I decided to do some more port work on the exhaust side. After several years of hard running I wasn't sure what I was going to find in there but the heads still look great, valves look great, rockers, everything.

At one time there was a bad problem with casting core shift on these heads. If you get some used ones you need to somehow make sure they are not in the serial number range of the ones that were a problem.

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