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Re: Correct eccentric

Before we go any further, was there any direct instructions on the CAM TECH SHEET referring to what type of eccentric to use? You are also going to need a dowel pin and those are specific to the one piece and two piece eccentric. Do you have a mechanical fuel pump provision on your front cover?

The cam drive style and cam gear design is going to dictate the correct eccentric style.


The eccentric initiates the fuel pump fulcrum arm.

Here is some more info-

Camshaft Dowel Pin/Fuel Pump Eccentric

Two different length dowel pins were used in the front of the cams in 221-351W engines. In 1972 and earlier engines, a longer (1.375”) dowel pin was used so that it would extend through the one piece fuel pump eccentric used on these engines. The 1973 and later engines utilized a two piece fuel pump eccentric which required a shorter (1.125”) dowel pin. If no eccentric is used, a thicker than standard retaining washer must be used to make up for the thickness of the eccentric. The cam gear MUST be pulled tightly against the snout of the cam. If the gear is not tight against the step at the front of the cam the bolt will come loose and engine failure is sure to occur.

Dowel pin failure is fairly common in Small Block Ford engines. This is almost never the result of a defective or soft dowel pin. It is most often caused by the bolt in the center of the cam coming loose and allowing the dowel pin to be loaded and shear. The center bolt should always be torqued to the manufacturer’s specification and a suitable thread lock used to prevent the bolt from coming loose.


The above posted information is in my opinion only. It may contain copy and paste material(s). Your opinion(s) and mileage may vary.

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