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Re: HERE......BUT...I know defeat. :(

Hey Eric! Thanks for the kudos! There's a guy in Ohio who I want to grow up to be like. His name is Gary Moore! He has a stick shift mustang that may be in the 8's by now... He uses a fogger nitrous system and 8.2" engine! I wanted to be just like him back in the late 80's when his car was in the 10's and mine was in the 13's.

Back then, he had an 8200 rpm chip in the rev limiter and two nitrous plates stacked on top of each other! He was the MAN! lol Big time street racer back then. Had some of the first aftermarket heads for a small block ford... The Alan Root heads, that were later sold by Ford as the J302. They had a dual bolt pattern exhaust flange and a wide exhaust port that required special headers to not block part off. His car had a Dana 60 with 4.56 gears and fairly large tires. He was even lucky enough to get on Pass Time! Car is dark blue with a white interior and a snorkle scoop.

Keep chipping away at it, don't burn yourself out, and have fun with it!
I LOVE your enthusiasm!

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