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Re: Full synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil is ENGINEERED to be superior to conventional dino oil. so it's simply better. No two ways about it.

I don't use it because of not having money when the oil change time comes around, so I stay with bottom shelf hours brand scraped off the floor dino oil, and guess what.... My engines run perfectly and don't have sludge build up of a bunch of horrible wear on them...

The REAL Question should be..... Is Synthetic oil NECESSARY to protect your engine or will Dino oil do just as good under certain conditions, certain conditions being Normal day to day driving. The answer is YES, Dino oil is just as good under all normal conditions as Synthetic, and it's cheaper to use in the long run under normal conditions.

Synthetic was invented decades ago for use in Extreme conditions for air plane engines...

I have nearly 200K on all my cars but the Falconaround, which has only 49,747 miles on it, and she'll get dino oil until she hits 300K (at this rate she'll hit 300K miles in the year 2240)
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