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Re: New (old)truck owner

I posted it from photobucket.

I only had to drive maybe a mile.

My friend and I did the same last night. gas directly into carb, in addition to the tank. having trouble starting. I bypassed the ballast resister to get it started, when we got it to my house. otherwise, there wasn't any spark. I had a stock replacement coil in place of the ACCEL super coil.

It is getting spark and fuel now, but I couldn't get it to start without starting fluid. It only popped a few times without it. with the hood open, and standing in front of it, while running last night, it made a hell of a racket. it doesn't sound like it is missing, just a ton of extra noise that didn't seem to be there previously. we checked the firing order again, in case we messed up some of the order of wires, but it seems correct. I cleaned off the points' contact, but just with paper, not emory cloth. I plan on checking the resister, and maybe seeing if I can replace that and throw the accel back on, but I am not very hopeful that it will work.

it says in an ad for the super coil that the supplied resistor should be used in conjunction with the factory resistor...... if the previous owner replaced the wire, it would burn out the points?

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