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Re: Dyno run question

Originally Posted by donwhis View Post
New report, I changed the MSD plug in (pill) from 6000 to 7000 and took it for a drive. I chickened out at 6500 RPM, with no break up. I guess this shows that the MSD was cutting it off at the 5500 RPM as shown on the Dyno chart, it also shows the valve springs are good up to at least 6500 RPM. I feel better now, but sure would like to get back on the dyno to see how the additional RPM and better flowing exhaust have affected the HP and TQ.

Several thoughts/comments for you:

- Put the 6000 chip back in. Your HP is peaking at 5000, so there is no need at all to ever go past 5500

- You are actually making more power than I would have guessed, with the parts that you have. That is more than enough to run 12's in the quarter mile.

- I recently tested a mild street motor with 2" pipes, then retested with 2.5". It picked up over 20hp at the rear wheels.

- You are too rich (see the A/F on the dyno charts) Before you change the jets, though, try adding some timing on your next dyno session.

- I would plan on making 2 dyno pulls without any changes, to make sure the motor is performing consistently. Then plan on probably 5 more pulls to zero in on the best timing setting. Then, 2 to 4 more pulls to test carb jetting.

- TAKE NOTES while you are tuning!!! It is easy to get excited and forget exactly what change you did on each pull.

I'm a bit southeast of Houston, and I have a chassis dyno (DynoJet), if you ever happen to be out this way :-)

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