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Re: 427W Ford Crate Motor - Compression Question

Originally Posted by 74Bronco View Post
I'm starting to get the idea that edelbrock rpm heads suck. From all the posts in this forum for the last 5 years I don't think they've been mentioned once. Can they be ported to flow like RHS's, TW's or AFR's, or should I cut bait and get different heads?
I wouldn't say the rpms suck..They have their place and are a huge improvement over a stock ford head..On a nice 289/302 they would work great..What you are looking at is a big block in small block clothing..It needs lots of air flow to reach its potential..I would be looking at cylinder heads with intake runners 200ccs and larger..
There are lots of online compression calculators if you do a google search and everyone has their favourite..Here is one at the top of the list when I searched.

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