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Re: 427W Ford Crate Motor - Compression Question

I have the following components from my old motor:
- 351w will be bored to 060
- 393w Scat cast crank (stroke = 3.850)
- Scat H-beam rods (length = 5.955)
- Edelbrock RPM performer heads (2.02/1.90)

My RPM band is idle to 6500, and I want low end torque for street fun and off roading. I'm thinking of switching to AFR from everything I've been reading...essentially the Edelbrock heads are not big enough for the potential of a stroker.

My questions is, if I want a 500HP motor and low end torque, what size AFR's do I go with? 195's, 205's, 58cc, 72cc?

I know the piston height will play a role in the compression ratio,and according to the CR calculator, if I use a piston deck clearance (.016), 72cc chamber, & 5cc valve relief, I get a 10.6:1 compression ratio - perfect right? But will that small of a valve relief limit my cam lift options and lower HP?

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