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Question for PSIG

Hey David,

Saw this in another thread:

Originally Posted by PSIG View Post
The low-pressure in-tank pump in the Ford CFI systems were rated 4 to 6 psi. With an old pump and those long lines to the front, I would test actual max psi at the engine before assuming anything. The flow was primary in the design (not the pressure) and has plenty for your application - if the psi is good. BTW - if you are looking for better power and mileage for up to 300hp, the CFI system is a good step-up from a carb if controlled with a cheap aftermarket ECM such as a Megasquirt-1 or 2, and tuned with a WBO2. Been there - done that. Good stuff.
PS: The replacement pumps are Airtex E2485 and Carter P74067 for reference examples.
I have a 1985 LTD LX 5.0 CFI that I plan to Megasquirt. Tell me all that you know on the subject.

Thanks! boway
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