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Re: New (old)truck owner

I guess there was something up with the floats. I had the front set up, 'correct', but the rear wasn't making any difference with adjustment due to the tab on the float for the needle being bent, and not allowing for adjustment. I have the carb back on the truck, and hope to switch to an electric choke, but there are so many issues with the electrics, who knows if I will be able to get it to work correctly.
In addition to that, an older friend of mine was helping me check things out and thinks all of the running issues stem from it sitting for too long, and the lifters might be stuck or collapsed. He wanted me to do a compression test on all, and watch the build up of pressure, but I haven't had actual time to mess with it. When I tried to get the truck running again after throwing the carb back on, I couldn't get it going. I accidentally bumped the distributor, not knowing that the clamp was still loose, and can't seem to find a good spot for it....too much to do by myself, going back and forth moving choke, dist, trying to start, get back out, keep re-changing, all while hoping it doesn't backfire and burn to the ground.

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