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Originally Posted by drinkdrivegoto View Post
Haven't done much with this coupe lately, I've been tied up with the Fairlane. I did order a USA-66 radio. I wish I had done a little more research on this, I'm a little disappointed for the $300 I spent on it. It looks ok sitting in the daytime, but the LED's are kelley green, way brighter than the cluster, and the dial is off, i.e. if I have it on 90.1 it tunes in 92.5 or so. I figure I'll just get used to it, maybe it won't be so noticeable come summer when I'm not driving at night so much.

Maybe someone has some ideas to tone down these LED's? Possibly just the front cover comes off to gain access?

This is just an idea, but...

Illumination should be handled by a specific wire on the radio pigtail. Simply cut that wire and solder in a rheostat that lets you dial down the brightness.

When you get it to a level you can live with, put a dab of silicon rtv on it to hold it the knob in place, and stuff it back up under the dash.
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