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Re: Stroker intake manifold RPM change-PSIG???

David, I have 3 manifolds to mess with.

Option #1: The first is an old Vic Jr. that was had the carb pad angle milled to fit under a stock flat hood. Basically dropped the front of the air cleaner. It now uses a standard unmodified drop base air cleaner. It has been hack ported in the plenum and the manifold ports have been cut .080" per side to best fit the heads horizonally. Still about .015" (or less) verticle head overhang that can't be corrected by moving the intake for and aft since it moves the problem to the other side. Would require a little head grinding or maybe offset head dowels. This is the intake that I have always raced with and is currently on the car and the street driveability is very good.

Option #2: The second intake is also a Vic Jr. that was used for a break-in on an engine dyno. The car the motor went into was FI. It fits the AFR205 head ports horizonally and vertically extremely well as-is with no head overhang whatsoever (perhaps a difference in production tolerance or a change at Edelbrock?) This manifold is stock and hasn't been modified in any way. It will fit under the current hood nicely if I cut down the neck of a drop base air cleaner maybe 1/2". Normally these necks are 1" tall so it should still be able to direct the flow, or there maybe other air cleaner options. It uses a standard 14x3" air filter. This is the intake I would have properly ported if I continue on with the Vic Jr. course.

Since I mention hood clearance it should be noted that my motor is set down as low in the engine compartment as possible with the stock suspension. I've even clearanced the oil pan somewhat for the steering center link. I also use a chokeless carb that offers a little more clearance than a choked version.

Option #3: The Super Vic is an old one but it hasn't been modified. It needs .090" taken of the sides to better match the heads horizonally. Like the first intake, there is some verticle head overhang in to the ports also-probably a good .020", so again the heads would need some work too. To use the Super Vic under the current hood would require some additional work. The carb pad would probably be flat milled (about 3/8") and the same 1/2" or so cuttoff of the air filter base as in manifold #2. Of course the plenum would require a little blending work, but it would be less than I did for the Vic Jr in option #1 since the Super already has a nice lead-in.

Conclusion (?): The cost of option #3 Super Vic swap would probably nearly equal the cost of simply having option #2's Vic Jr. professionally ported. The current out of pocket cost would be even less if I sold the Super Vic and applied those funds. Perhaps #1's Vic Jr. could be sold also as there are always people wanting to mount one under an early stock hood.

It should be so obvious since I have just spelled it out plain and simple. Kind of like checking out that hot chick at the end of the bar when you are happily married . . . . .

Decisions, decisions, decisions . . . . .


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