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Re: Stroker intake manifold RPM change-PSIG???

Originally Posted by zandifam View Post
As a precursor to this post I enjoy reading your conversations as a learning tool. Just wondering if anyone saw the Car Craft issue from about a year ago where they dynoed the edelbrock performer, rpm, victor, super victor and their dual quad intakes on an 8.2 based 363? This was the same issue that they compared budget ford heads. I know this is apples to oranges but it is an interesting comparison nonetheless and may illustrate the differences between the supervictor and the victor.
I found the article online:

Ron Burgundy IV - Manifold Test - Car Craft Magazine All Pages

Yes, certainly apples to oranges comparison to my situation, but now you've muddied the waters even more. I am surprised how well the Super Vic did across the range. Darn you!!!

Also surprised at how well the dual quad manifold worked.

Thank you Z for uncovering the article.


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