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Re: 68 Cougar XR-7 Build

So I tossed my 7qt front sump oil pan on the car with the block still on the factory mounts today...and there was literally less than half an inch clearance to the bolt in factory crossmember. This setup seems to be making its primary task into giving me 'ok...what the hell am I going to do now?' moments at every turn. So I put the oil pan back onto the 347 to check crank/rod to pan clearance in that area, and its well over an inch a half...if not actually 2". I was talking to my Dad at that point about sectioning my pan to gain some lowering clearance, and he looks at me and says

'Why don't you just put a dry sump on it??'.

So I was like '...well, mostly because I don't have $1800 to add to the total cost this things going to run me.'

He kind of looked at me funny, turned around to the parts shelf, pulled off one of the four three stage Aviaid pumps and handed it to me (I'd seen them a million times, and never paid an ounce of attention, lol). Then he opened another cabinet, and grabbed a 3 gallon return tank...and handed that to me also. Next came a moderately sized oil cooler, and after that a box with six new WIX 51222R filters. Then he says 'Pick yourself up a 1.25" gilmer crank and alternator pulley, and a 1.5-12 remote filter mount...fab up a some hoses, and you've got yourself a dry sump.'

How about them apples?

Sooo...there we go. I haven't really messed with it much this week, other than the oil pan thing. I need to compress the springs tomorrow, pull the heads, and remove the upper control arms and lower shock towers. At that point I'll see just how low I can get the thing without the bell housing or headers getting too close to the ground. If I can get an inch down, and anything back...I'll be very happy. Even just the inch or so down would be good for me. Gotta be able to get the driver's side valve cover off!!

~These are just some of the drawbacks guys who like to go mach 10 with our hair on fire and these little motors screaming at rpms that make other guys cry...have to deal with.~
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