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Re: 5.0L Conversion into Falcon Set-Up

Originally Posted by decurion View Post
It all sounds pretty good, but as was mentioned, dont forget injector size (insert math here), MAF size (if using a maf), and find a better more modern cam. Custom cams seem to be all the rage, but if theyre not that expensive, it can get you what youre after and get more driveability as well.

Another thing to consider is how do you want to build the 331 in the future? It may not be such a bad idea to step up to 185cc heads now to keep from having to replace a perfectly good set of 165s.
It's a good point. I'm almost sure I will one day want more power and wish I had gone with the 185cc heads. It needs to be a very streetable car that is good in hot summer traffic jams with the A/C blowing, constant freeway driving and occasional trips down the track. Tall order, but I'm sure I can figure it out. I picked a 331 as it seemed like a good combination of power and durability. I like the idea of aftermarket EFI. Easier to tune and adapt to changes. I may go that route.

Thanks for the advice.

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