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Re: 68 Cougar XR-7 Build

Oh, I almost forgot...

Sooooo...this is my next major issue. That bar running across is the strut rod. It's mandatory lol. The steering arm is obviously going to need a bumpsteer kit to clear the frame....but it's going to cause the rack to mount very low...not to mention the next problem...

...which is that when you turn the wheel left, the steering arm raises. When you turn it right, it drops. This is a function of the camber setting, I think. Regardless's raising some concern as to clearing the frame, and clearing that strut rod.

Guess I'm going to just have to get in there, hands on with the rack...and see if there's anywhere that lines up.

~These are just some of the drawbacks guys who like to go mach 10 with our hair on fire and these little motors screaming at rpms that make other guys cry...have to deal with.~
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